More Hull folk say what it is…


Cool as ….! – B. Johnson.
A ploy to get people in. – Lynn.
My missus! – Shaun
Camilla Parker-Bowles after a bad curry. – Mark.
Startling evidence of pre-cambrian sedimentary igneous life forms actually having existed! This justifies my academic and extremely high salary! Many thanks! – Prof. Sir Iain de Ranged, University of pointless speculation, Shide, Isle of White.
A green Dragon from the Island of Kramja, or a lesser demon. – Max.
Something with very odd armpit hair! – Bob & Yassen.
Alien from outer space. – Richard.
I still think it is a donkey dragon and I think you should make him some clothes, he is cold and lonely. – Leanne.
It is a Scandinavian Mugwump of the mutated genus Liecam fakus!! – Anon
A fascinating cross between a Zebra and a Rat. Its name should really be Meebs!! – M. Stephenson.
I don’t know what it is! But I won’t sleep tonight. – Julie B.
Doug looks very peaceful! – Faye.
A deformed turd! – Bob, ‘Ull.


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