Just in case you were wondering…


A review of the exhibit, currently residing in Hull Maritime Museum, has appeared on a most distinguished blog called ‘trouble on westbourne’, in which a young man chronicles his existence as a poet and ‘ecstatic dancer’. I have added a link to the journal for your perusal. He eloquently captures the essence of the Museum’s environment when he informs us….

“In recent years, I have increasingly come to regard the world as mad. Today I went to ‘!!!See the Strange Thing!!!’ at the Hull Maritime Museum. The museum was strange enough, its windows tarnished with dust so old that the glass had collected a yellow tint. I felt like I was in a time machine, a yellow submarine perhaps. Pictures and models of fishing boats, cod smacks. And then a forty foot skeleton of a whale. Men went out from these coasts and harpooned them, up near Greenland. Forty foot long, killed for rubber maybe, and then to have a stairway riding above its skeleton, at the top of which in a small case lay ‘the strange thing’.
I found it more terrifying than humorous, this foot long cross between a horse and a human, stained yellow with raggedy hair, fingernails and a mermaid’s tail. I don’t know what it was. The book that accompanies this delightfully arcane yet accessible and innovative exhibit suggests it might be a kelpie (sea monster) or a kind of dogman that (allegedly) used to walk the earth. Or it could be a hoax.”

To find out about the rest of his day, look for the link to ‘trouble on westbourne’ on this page…

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