Even more comments from the people of Hull…

Hull Maritime Museum

Hull Maritime Museum, looking across Victoria Square.

It appears to be mummified, it may be ancient Egyptian, or it may have been prehistoric and was then extinct because of food uses. – Holly.

It looks like the head of a horse and the body of a person. How very creepy, but very interesting. My mind boggles! – Dawn.

Its having a good scratch by the looks of it. Its the sand it gets everywhere doesn’t it? – Grant.

Is it a Hobbitt? – Oompa Loompa, Selby.

A sabre tooth dinosaur. – Jamie.

I do not think it was real. – Colleen.

A horse person thingy…I think? Certainly looks peed off! – Gemma, Hull.

The devil himself? – Unknown from Hull.

Something you have made up. Do you think we are all stupid like you? – Grimsby.

Don’t know but it freaks me! – Anon.

An elaborate hoax to fool our boys in Cairo during the war, they no doubt sold many to gullible servicemen. During the early part of the last century mummies were de rigeur in certain circles of society. – J. Nelson.

Well it is obviously the infamous foetus with the head of a horse, as was once predicted by Nostradamus himself, you are all cursed!!! – Vicci.

Eeeeer! Its Gross! – April.

It looks eerily reminiscent of that thing that came out of John Hurt’s stomach in Alien. In the Maritime Museum no-one can hear you scream! – Benjamin.

Fantastic! Out of this world if TRUE. – P. Cunningham.

Looks like my mother in-law after a night on the tiles. – Avril.

Its my sisters bloke, a minger! – CMY, Hull.

Saint Peter – J.R.

A sea Dragon, A sea Donkey, Horse man (wax dummy), Chicken Horse man. – The Rhodes Gang.

Darrens ex-wife, before and after they were married. – The Bitch.

It is some form of a Dragon. – Emma and Bob.

Emma’s mum. – Emma’s Dad.

Its a baby Dragon. – Danny.


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