The Hull Daily Mail prints a picture….in colour….

The article below appeared in yesterday’s Hull Daily Mail, it may satisfy those of you with greedy eyes…The Zoo & Logical Times bites its lip and remembers there is no such thing as bad publicity…

Hull Daily Mail 31st July 2006


2 thoughts on “The Hull Daily Mail prints a picture….in colour….

  1. Newspaper types just don’t understand what a MYSTERY is and leaving some THINGS to the imagination and for people to find out for themselves. It’s all a little power game of Tattle Tale.Also I believe they got some facts wrong as well from what I know of the exhibit. I’ll bet they never checked with the principle showman, Mr. Smith!OH well…any publicity can be helpful I reckon.If the HDM was really smart and knew how to DIG they woukld find a trail to the BIGGEST strangest story of the summer that is happening right now in the UK.But real papers and real reporters don’t exist anymore.Too bad.Big Doug

  2. Hello again Doug, you are correct, but I feel the problem goes deeper.Below is a letter sent to the Hull Daily Mail, somehow I don’t think it will make it to the letters page so I am reproducing it here for posterity, whilst it bears little relation to our story it does serve to illustrate the fascile nature of the local press…To whomever is concerned,The Hull Daily Mail has a talent for inventing fantasy worlds in which it’s okay to convert our children into cultural zombies in a mass of unthinking and easily herded proletarian cattle. I am tired of hearing or reading that the HDM’s double standards are Right with a capital R. We know that is simply not true. The HDM says that poxy fault finders should be feted at wine and cheese fund raisers. It can lie as much as it wants but it can’t change the facts. If it could, it’d undoubtedly prevent anyone from hearing that its editorials are a mere cavil, a mere scarecrow, a surface simulacrum, one of the last gasps of a desperate and dying cause.Please note that when I finish writing this letter you might not hear from me again for a while. I simply don’t have enough strength left to help people break free of the HDM’s cycle of oppression. The HDM can’t control its desire to have everything and to have it now. That’s self evident, and even they would have to agree with me on that.Take for instance our little exhibition. I have purposefully withheld pictures of little Doug from the media. The reason being I wanted people to come and see for themselves, and not have everything handed to them on a miserable plate coated in toxic ink. For this reason the Hull Daily Mail showed no interest in our story. When I mentioned PT Barnum, the journalist I was speaking to was struck dumb with non recognition and then proceeded to explain that it wasn’t up to her wether they could print a story.The hatchet job of an article that appeared in today’s HDM is full of inaccuracies, poor paraphrasing and is dominated by a large full colour image of Little Doug. I was neither informed of the newspapers intention to publish this article, nor consulted on the matter.I do not believe a journalist even went to the Maritime Museum but instead sent a photographer to take a picture I had repeatedly requested they didn’t. The journalist in question obviously never even bothered to read the booklet (available for only fifty pence from the museum a full five minutes walk from HDM’s headquarters) but instead chose to poorly paraphrase a press release I sent out a week ago. Where is the mystery in a photograph blown up in full colour? The HDM derives power from its stupid revelations and its inability to comprehend, as George Orwell postulated, for the HDM ‘Ignorance is strength’.While passive-aggressive underachievers claim to defend traditional values, they actually drive us into a state of apoplexy. Missing the point must be a special skill acquired at media college, after all, this kind of cut and paste journalism is not practised by seekers of truth but rather lazy nine to five ad pushers. Who, with one foul swoop, can manage to drain any text or interesting idea of its mystery and imagination, all the time proud of its self righteous paradigm and gob spittle puppet ramblings. In my experience journalists who have been indoctrinated into these textual sausage machines are left so full of self loathing that the only animated conversations they can muster are tinged with hapless irony, once removed from direct experience they are twice removed from life.What demons possessed the HDM to advocate fatalistic acceptance of a virulent New World Order? I’ve never really got a clear and honest answer to that question from the HDM. But what is clear is that if it had its way, schools would teach students that the sky is falling and not what to do about it. This is not education but indoctrination. I like to speak of the HDM as “insufferable”. I think that’s a reasonable term to use under the circumstances.Whatever your thoughts or feelings about the HDM, I urge you to help me, and insist on a policy of zero tolerance toward alarmism.yours sincerely, Corona Smith.

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