“Penny for the Ploughboy!”

There was a knock at the door. I opened it to find Jim Eldon on my doorstep, fiddle in hand and hat adorned with holly and ivy.

Yes that’s right folks, he was here to record his second session for the Zoo and Logical Times and the folk in yobtube land!

He proceeded to play a Plough Monday Selection for us. Plough Monday traditionally falls on the first Monday after Epiphany or Twelth Night. An interesting and thorough article by P.T. Millington explores the origins of Plough Monday HERE

The tunes you will hear above are as follows:

1. Eazum Teazum (Trad Arr Eldon)
2. The Charming Shrimp (Eldon) A shrimp is discovered in the toilet bowl on board the Yorkshire Belle in Bridlington. “Why was it charming?” I hear you cry….Perhaps because it was returned to the sea rather than made into a salad.
3. Acre of Land (Trad Arr Eldon)
4. The Merry Ploughboy (Trad Arr Eldon)


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