Hull Air (Burwell’s Pìobaireachd).

“…and came finally
to the place where the water meets the banks
and the place where the sky meets the clouds
and the place where the skin meets the air
and the book meets the table…”

Its about time Hull had its own Air. The words to this one were selected from a poem titled “Adventures in the House of Memory” written in the late nineteen seventies by Anne Bean and Paul Burwell.

The melody is my own (as far as I know).

Drums are from ‘Turbine Hall Swimming Pool’ by Richard Wilson and feature Paul playing a home made drum kit whilst being towed around an old swimming pool on a trailer.

The recording here was made to celebrate the late Paul Burwell’s Birthday in 2009. He would have been 60 years old. Dave Ellis and Corona Smith both worked with Paul throughout the years he lived in Hull.

Corona Smith (fiddle, headrush, singing) Dave Ellis (Bass, headrush, singing etc) Larry Mctavish (Banjo, Gamelan and Mongolian throat singing).

One of Paul’s favourite tunes was a Pìobaireachd called ‘The Old Men of the Shells’. A Pìobaireachd is usually played on the highland bagpipes (which incidentally Paul was fond of reminding us were not classed as a musical instrument but as a weapon of war!) it is often composed as a Lament or a salute, and involves a simple melody being played for a very long time with subtle changes throughout.

That said, it should be apparent that the video above contains an edited version of the full Pìobaireachd which actually lasts for several hours…


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