Mischief Monday Report – Lost One Cow

Today it took us a while to agree on what mischief to unleash upon the world. We finally settled upon this poster idea. We got 30 printed and they are now stuck to trees and in shop windows, including the butchers on princes avenue. We were surprised that people believed our tale of woe. The phone number is for Hull City COWncil…. Tee hee…


558288_10151882208449511_949295596_n 559812_10151882208939511_862870954_n 954822_10151882208549511_99715934_n 1176122_10151882209529511_1051495742_n 1186139_10151882208124511_1058160309_n 1233540_10151882209079511_1212226644_n 1234374_10151882208249511_380187526_n 1236029_10151882208709511_1293814581_n 1238951_10151882208764511_520467746_n 1239497_10151882209424511_661473009_n 1240197_10151882208349511_835619941_n 1375128_10151882208844511_1607638103_n 1375664_10151882209254511_527855755_n


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