A thousand & one ships in a bottle…

‘A Thousand and one ships in a bottle (and one paper Crane)’ – LMS – year of the Pigeon / Bean 2013 – 2014

I spent roughly a year folding paper boats until I had a thousand and one. They were made from old notebooks, damaged children’s books, train tickets and other ephemera. I didn’t know what to do with them until the landlord of the property I live in had an old shed cleared out to the rear of the house. He left the demijohn pictured in his wake… I was about to wash the dishes when it occurred to me that the bottle and the box of paper boats wanted to meet. Instead of washing the dishes I carefully transferred all the ships into the bottle. Thanks to Jo for eating the babybel cheese which was housed in the red wax allowing me to finish the piece. There is a paper crane lost among the shipping, it was made by a friend.


The parcel label echoes my exhibit at the first ‘Stuft’ show ten years ago which was a collaborative piece with Melissa Martin. It was a knitted stuffed donkey with a parcel label attached which read; ‘Year of the Donkey’ in chinese caligraphy.

On display at the Red Gallery in Hull from the 13th June 2014 as part of the group show ‘Stuft – all over again’.



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