Year of the Pigeon

February 2013 to February 2014 was the year of the Pigeon. I made lots of paintings of Pigeons all the same but different. One was sold at an auction in Leeds and several more have sold since. The paintings are meant to be a currency, an alternate monetary system. At the time of going to press one pigeon is worth thirty British pounds. They are made with ink, crayon and paint on A3 sized canvases from home bargains. Pictured below are four pigeons that are currently on sale at the Union Mash Up pop up gallery on Princes Avenue, Hull. Curated by Martin Lewsley.

10352408_10152489005124511_7384148665039776115_n 10308440_10152489004969511_6126320002668678535_n 1623701_10152489005379511_3623547739517992150_n 10300649_10152489005249511_1655664804271611734_n


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